Second Graders Study Compost

We have been “digging in the dirt” the last couple of weeks to get a hands-on lesson in how living and non-living things interact. Second graders learned how our school compost pile got started (with leaf donations from Loveland City Public Works this past fall) and how, with the addition of water and air, the leaves are decomposing with the help of the “Nature FBI” (Fungus, Bacteria, and Invertebrates). Students took samples of compost from two areas in the pile, one damp and one dry, to see how the invertebrates and fungus differ depending on where in the pile they are living. They also learned that the inside of the compost pile gets HOT as the microscopic bacteria do their jobs!

Students also participated in a fun compost skit that was donated to our program by Granny’s Garden School. Each child played a crucial role in turning leaves into compost, either by being a green or brown leaf, fungus, bacteria, an invertebrate, or the gardener who added water and air to our pile!

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